Tumi lookbook shoot

Today’s shoot was Tumi lookbook shoot.

Tumi is now making jacket and coat line for women and men.

It was really simple but very cool style.

I would like to get one for next winter

This team is my dream team.

Photographer was Brian Chan I worked with once before for sunglass shoot.

And brian’s assistant wasWilliam Wang who I also worked with many times.

Hair stylist is Kelly Foyt. All three are amazing!

I would like to work with this team again.

Update my work⑭

This shoot had end of last year.

I worked with Toshi who is my friend and he is  a hair stylist.

He let me in this team. Photographer is Alberto Oscarelli, he is from Italy.

I liked the light and style for this shoot.

How do you think?

Photographer : Alerto Oscarelli

Stylist : Lauren Mattina

Hair  :  Toshitsugu Kubota

Makeup : Sawa

Model : Shitzka

Magazine submission shoot

Happy new year.

New york winter has been cold in this winter.

My first makeup work 2014 is starting from magazine submission shoot.

Photographer is Brian Luvar who I’ve worked with him UNVOGUE  magazine before.

Model, Rhiannon came to New york all the way from Virginia.

The theme is  “Golden Rock”

I am very happy about my first work is started creative  shoot!

Because my KEY WORD this year is “CREATIVE”

Three different looks with big hair. Rhia has a such a nice  face            structure.  I haven’t done creative makeup for a while so it’s going to be good images for my portfolio.

Brian was so happy about what I did for this shoot:)

I am really looking for that this work is going to be published!!


Documentary shoot in Delaware

I worked with Korean crews for the documentary shoot.

The shoot is for Chicken company and the factory is in Delaware.

I had a tough time to communicate with the crews because they are from Korean flew from there for the shoot.

So Almost no English… The shoots was 3 days and we used helicopter also.

The video will be edit 5 minutes long. It was first time to join the crew for the like this commercial shoot.

It was a good experience for my career.

Look Book Shoot

In the morning, before going to work I had a look book shoot.

It took place on China near by  Financial district.

The Clothes has Asian  taste as a point so We uses Asian model.

The photographer is Sasha who I worked with him a few times before.

The designer is his friend from Russia.

Fashion week is started and I am sure that Everybody is busy who are working in the Fashion industry.

I hope I can get some show experience in this season.


Assistant for Misuzu san

The photo shoot was in Milk Studio.

I assisted Misuzu for Family Circle magazine December issue.

We had 5 models so I was mostly help her for extra standing by the set for touch up.

Misuzu is very kind and I was inspired by her skills.

I am really happy to be there and nice to work with her.  Always in this industry , connections are very important and I am working for that more than before now. I am appreciate  all of the people who have been giving me a change for me.

I know it will take a lot of work and I need to deserve a lot also.  Sometimes it’s not easy to keep doing this job and believe my potential to reach the goal. But I would not  want to give up until I could reach the goal.

Sawa xoxo

Test shoot with Masha

First time to work with Masha  who was introduced by Yumi.

Model was Angela she is also photographer. She has many unique outfit and the photo shoot was kind of  a private project shoot.

Masha has really good eyes for catching natural right and get the right moment for taking a beautiful shoot.

End of the shoot was on the top of the roof in Brooklyn where was able to over see Manhattan and sunset was breath taking.

I am looking forward to Update the pictures soon:)

xoxo Sawa

Assistant for Kayla

I got offered this assistant job from Nico who I’ve worked with him twice before.

Since I’ve worked with him last time, He gave me  jobs whenever he can’t make for the shoots.

I appreciate that offers because I can keep making connections.

This job was for Vision Magazine and I assisted a hair stylist, Kayla MiChele she is belong to Atelier management.

She has tons of wigs and extensions, Her creativity was amazing.

I am usually in makeup side even I am working in a Hair salon . But I learned a lot of hair and makeup skill from the shoot.

Makeup artist was  Cedric Jolivet from See management. He used pigment colors such as white, black and orange.

His skill was delicate and dynamic.

It was a great to see their works!!